The three-point linkage mounted brush

Equipped with a hydraulically driven brush and a twin entry collection bucket, the Warzée BR255 sweeper cleans and collects all types of rubbish, whether it is wet or dry. Emptying the collection bucket is carried out when it is rotated through 90° by two collection bucket mounted hydraulic rams. This road sweeper is well suited for three-point linkage mounting.

Models : BR255-150, BR255-175, BR255-200, BR255-225, BR255-250


High resistance polypropylene brush

Twin entry collection bucket with rams for tipping through 90°

Reinforced scraping blade

Polypropylene brush

The hydraulic sweeper has a rear mounted brush, made up of polypropylene strands.

The brushes are interchangeable.

Balayeuse hydraulique avec godet récolteur sur vérins

Twin entry collection bucket

The front of the bucket scrapes the ground collecting rubbish. The finishing brush throws the material straight into the collection bucket.

The bucket is fitted with rams: it tips through 90° enabling it to be emptied when it is three-point linkage mounted.

Godet de récolte à double-entrée


Regardless of the working conditions, the sweeper has no difficulty in adapting to uneven ground contours. Wet and dry material from car parks, tracks, alleys and roads is easily collected.

Balayeuse Warzée BR255

Adjustable brush height

The brush height can be adjusted manually in order to compensate for brush wear, and in doing so the lifespan of the brush is maximised.

Hauteur des balais réglable

Different widths available

Choice of working widths to suit your handler or the working environment.

Widths : 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 cm

Balayeuse disponible en différentes largeurs

Ideal for three-point linkage mounting

This road sweeping brush is suitable for any type of telescopic handler or tractor mounted front end loader. It is especially suitable for front or rear three-point linkage mounting.

balayeuse pour tracteur avec relevage 3 points



Technical info
Sweeping/Type Hydraulic brush
Sweeping/Collection bucket Front, from 167 to 279 L
Hitching/Bolt-on brackets
Equipment/Reinforced scraping blade
Dimensions/Working width From 150 to 250 cm
Dimensions/Overall width From 189 to 289 cm
Dimensions/Weight From 1450 to 1650 kg
Specifications/Transmission Double effect
Specifications/Oil flow Max. 55 à 75 L/min
Specifications/Pressure Max. 190 bar

Balayeuse avec bac récolteur sur vérins EN

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